Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Paloma Esmeria Biography

"Name is Paloma Mian Esmeria. I'm 26 years old now. Born in Manila, Philippines on October 24, 1981. I'm Scorpion mainly so I got some traits. Assertive yet discreet, loyal and streetwise, with plenty of passion and a long memory. Versatile with clothes and music. Love personality : intense, romantic and mysterious.

There's no typical day for me since my job isn't a 9 to 5. My modelling gigs could be a half day, whole day or a week event. It doesn't really matter as long as the sched doesn't clash with another gig. When I don't have any work that's the time I usually run my errands, go shop with my friends, hang out and be a homebody, party at night or take a vaca.

I can speak fluent Japanese and a little bit of Spanish. I'm still trying to learn more. Right now, I'm actually studying how to write katakana and hiragana for a start. Kanji's pretty tough.

I'm about 5'3 1/2"" tall and recently I fluxuate between 98 and 104 lbs. 

I love spicy food. I can eat pizza and pasta in a week! I like to put a lot of hot sauce on it too. My favorite pizza is Brooklyn Pizza. I gave up eating rice since last year but I can't quit cheese and chocolates. I'm not much of a pork eater nowadays and I don't know why. I've been craving for mango shake and mongolian grill ever since I got back from Bora. Mr. Kabab is still in my list of favorite places to go eat and ice cream still cheers me up. I LOVE sushi. I miss Kabuki's ""topanga special"" in LA. Hmmmm...I wonder when I'm going back. I also like all Filipino dishes ( I can cook it too - if I had the time ).


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